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reminder that the Lupin III manga has fucking amazing artwork.

also that people still say the Fujiko anime is similar to it and they’re still very, very wrong.

Zenigata is definitely our favourite character in the Manga. Every story is so unpredictable, they’re very different from the show but well worth a read.

Monkey Punch has said he was heavily influenced by Mad Magazine early on, and these panels in particular really show it.

he says Mort Drucker is his favorite artist but their styles are actually really damn different. I know very little about Mad Magazine but I’d really like to know what his other influences were. going by the terminology of this post I’d say Monkey Punch is more of a ‘radical cartoonist’ and Drucker is more of a ‘conservative cartoonist’ (I don’t mean the latter as a bad thing, see the post for more info).

MP’s editor actually encouraged him to go all the way with the wacky scribbly style and not care about detail.

satsuki quick warm up

satsuki quick warm up


Before I started Goligo, I was one of the dude who drew “Téquila” one of the “Lucha Libre” comic books séries. The drawing of the two other séries was made By Bill (Luchadores 5) and Fabien Mense (the Tikitis). Scenarios were writen by Jerry Frissen.

lucha libre is one of my top 10 favourite comics ever!